Thursday, May 25, 2006


First I wish to thant the entire FlightGear (devel and user) communities for their assistance and support.

In particular;

Roberto for his FerryBoat model
Georg for his FGTools
Fred, Dave, Durk and Melchior for help with XML
Arnt for his encouragement.

I'm terribly sorry if I've missed any body by name...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Code

You might think the code is really dificult.... think again, thats why it's my first AI Scenario project...

The files to edited/added

Preferences.XML (edited to include scenario)
WorkingNZ.XML (created to define scenarios with flightplans)
Arahunga-Wellington-Picton.XML (created to specify the forward direction flightplan)
Arahunga-Picton-Wellington.XML (created to specify the reverse direction flightplan)

I can't paste XML code here without it being corrupted so email me direct at; (removing the ".snipme" ) and I'll email the XML changes....

InterIslander Introduction

The InterIslander is service using three ferries of about 22,000 tonnes displacement. It sails between Wellington, the capital city and most southern city in the North Island and Picton at the top of the South Island through the picturesque Queen Charlotte Sounds. It crosses Cook Strait, a stretch of water known as very treacherous due to the funnelling of winds and the fast flowing tidal currents.

InterIslander AI Scenario

This is the course taken by the InterIslander between the North Island and the South Island.

....ignore the "ooops" at the Piction end, this was caused by panning the map at the end of the voyage to get both Wellington and Piction in the image

Just outside Tory Channel, in Cook Strait, the ferries pass...clear skies, blue sea....a sight to be seen.....

The ferry entering Tory Channel, perhaps the most spectacular part of the voyage

... The terrain is more severe than depicted but still gives an impression if the room available to manouver the vessel.

can you imagine what it looks like at dusk with red clouds?.....